A new era of free trade between the UK and Australia

30 Mar 2022

Back in December 2021, UK and Australia signed a fare trade agreement. 

This will further strengthen the links between Australia and the UK's recruitment industry. Over time, this will decrease skill shortages and bring benefits to the local industry such as making it easier for investment, movement of citizens and greater recognition of candidate qualifications.

Read the full article here: New era of free trade

James Caan CBE and Recruitment Entrepreneur form alliance with KPMR International, under their REflex offering.

Keeley Pope joins the Recruitment Entrepreneur (RE) REflex group with her business, KPMR International which places leaders and emerging leaders within the Media & Advertising, Marketing Services and Technology sectors across the UK.

5 Apr 2022
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Meet the judges for Emerging Leaders 2021

Our founder, Keeley Pope, was one of the judges on the panel for a Top 20 Emerging Leaders Awards Program in 2021.

23 Mar 2022
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